How can I turn my fortune with guys around?

I know you've probably heard this story before, somewhere, from somebody. It's not all that original, haha.

I'm 20 years old, and never had a boyfriend. I'm not completely inexperienced, but I am a virgin. Never even gotten close to having sex.

Anyways, I want to turn my fortune with guys around. Since I was rejected by so many guys in high shool, I pretty much am standoffish around them now since I don't expect them to like me. I can't think of very many times (like one time) when a guy has shown interest in me.

I can't make guys like me of course, but I can work on myself. Do you guys have suggestions? I want to start dating, but I clearly need help.

I've gotten a personal trainer to work out with. (I ran cross-country for the first two years of college, but I quit, so I want to stay in shape now).

I've gotten a new haircut, long layers. I like how I look.

I've also changed my major to something I really like, and is not stressful for me, so that's the mental part of this.

all in all, I'm asking, how can I get guys at my college to see me as a viable dating option? as they clearly don't see me as one now.


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  • Well I'd love to help you! Let's start with this, if you see a guy you are attracted to on campus, what do you do?

    • What do I actually do? Haha. If he's completely random, I would check him out. Ask my friends if they know his name, or know anyone who knows him. Then, I would try to get myself into his company, perhaps at a party that upcoming weekend or something

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    • Sure, I'll message you

    • here I'll just turn of anonymous, message me actually. You don't come up in search

  • post up pics if you can


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