Should I be worried about two word text messages?

I've been on a date with this girl and it went well. She seemed receptive to going out again she just need to get her work schedule for the next week so we could set a date. Every time we've communicated I've called her which is difficult as she works nights a lot and I work days. So I tried texting her, figuring its easier to responded to a text than a call at work. Well all I ever get is two word texts which makes me wonder if I've done something wrong and could be messing up on my chances of another date as she has yet to let me know of a good day and its been 4 days since I saw her last and I don't want to come off needy asking if she has her schedule yet. I'm figuring on just calling her again but don't know if that will seem needy too. So is her two word texts an indication of I should back off or should I try to get in touch with her again.


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  • It can be frustrating to receive two word texts, but that is not necessarily a bad sign. She may just be super busy at work although that is not a valid reason. Maybe she isn't the type who like to communicate through text. There can be a lot of reasons, my advice is that you don't contact her for a few day just to see how she reacts, and after that if she didn't contact you, invite her on a second date. It's hard to tell what someone wants form texts, its always best if you can talk with her in person, even regarding the two word texts, maybe she has a perfectly valid explanation. The important thing is to give her some space for a few days and then try to set a second date. I hope I helped you at least a little, good luck I hope you will be happy together.

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