Does she think of me as a friend or there is love?

Hi everyone. I liked a girl at my collage for about two years while studying I used to chat to her like just a hi and by. after in MSN I used to chat to her lot tell her is cute and that . But in school I was shy she always notices me looking at her. After collage finish we went different uni so I only chat to her on Facebook a couple times. Now after 2 years of leaving collage I asks how you been. She said she wanted to contact me, and said I would have hated her for not contacting me. Then I replied back. But only a week later she replied back saying sorry for the late reply and she wanted to check up hw I was doing and asked if I worked at the same place. She placing me the friend circle or does she does she like me?. That one week she took she was on Facebook everyday.


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  • Friend zone. At least that's what I think. SHe likes the attention. No matter what, it doesn't sound promising.