American caucasian women don't seem attracted to me?

I have no problem attracting other races Asian,black, Spanish.

Foreign women seem to like me as well. This includes foreign Caucasian women.

For whatever reason, American Caucasian women seem to not give me the time of day.

I think it is because of my fair irish skin tone. Tan is very "in" amongst Caucasian Americans and perhaps this is why I am seen as unattractive. Grasping at straws here...

Any ideas?

Statistically, this holds true for dating sites as well in regard to the response rate.


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  • Just don't worry about it! It might be how you carry yourself, or what you're into. I have an odd tendency to attract Asians and English men, specifically. But I've got a dry sense of humor, and I'm into technology. (I realize those are stereotypes, but coming from someone whose been in both Asian countries and in Europe, its a stereotype that can ring true sometimes).

    It's not that American white women don't like you, it's a certain type of American white woman that doesn't like you. And lucky you for you, these women are probably ones you wouldn't have much in common anyway. Trust me, it's not how you look.


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  • Don't take it too hard. Not winning the affections of the average American female is not as great a failure as it's made to seem.