How do you meet a man? How do you approach smart and successful guys?

I'm nearly 23, I'm a Journalism student and I would really like to meet a guy who has something going for him, like a law student or a architecture student. If I were to start studying at the architecture and engineering library, how would you go about meeting someone? Should you approach a guy in a library or is it impertinent? How do you know when a guy has grown up and is looking for something serious? What do those sort of guys look for in a lady?


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  • I like law student girls too!

    and I'm a civil engineering major. (We work with architects a lot)

    I would reccommend library.

    I would stay away from large study groups because they want to get work done and its easier to go to a guy who is alone.

    I can't speak for other guys when I say this but if a girl came up to me in a nice way, I would be delighted if a girl came up to me. Depending on how the conversation went I would take it further or not.

    I would start of with a compliment. Saying wow is that XYZ class? That class is really hard. My friend took it and she struggled you must be really smart.

    (Some like these redundant complements some don't)

    Or if all the tables are taken, ask if you could sit at a 4 seater table

    or something

    and the answers to your last two questions are open ended.

    You don't know if he's grown up or looking for something serious.

    I wish I could see this in girls but I can't

    I like a girl who has her head on straight.

    With a lot of character.

    Doesn't take no for an answer.

    One of my biggest turn on's is if I give her my opinion on something and she gives me a decent rebuttal in a nice and clear way.

    Above all: Be yourself

    Good Luck!


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  • they are everywhere so there isn't really a "best" place. but I can tell you that smart successful guys want smart successful girls


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  • If you're a journalism student...why did you say "a architecture?"

    Sorry...grammar nerd, here.

    Anyway, just go up to them and introduce yourself. Either ask if you can study at their table, or ask them a question about something you're studying. Make sure it has to do with either engineering or law though.

    • haha, that was an honest typo, I swear.