Move on or wait and see if he comes around. Could use some advice about this guy.

OK. I was acquainted with one of my guy friend's best friends around the middle of May. Eventually I was hearing from all the guys that he really liked me. I liked him too and it never took long until we were seeing each other. We both agreed we weren't sure if we wanted a relationship and that we'd take things slowly. We started seeing each other on the 4th of June and did for a solid 3 weeks.

Unfortunately a couple of weeks in lots of stuff was bothering at me at home and was having a really negative affect on me. I was being different with him and kind of clingy with mixed emotions. He got freaked out and said he still cared about me but wasn't sure how he felt about me anymore. I was gutted about everything as I'd be having a really difficult time and didn't want him to know that was what was up with me.

It started out all chilled. We'd watch films at his, snuggle up and talk for hours. He'd make dinner for me occasionally and if I stayed over I'd have breakfast in the morning. He'd look at me in the way you can tell that you mean something to a person and sometimes he's even include me in his future without really thinking about what he was saying. He was always excited to see me and I could tell he'd have done anything for me!

Now however I've realized the more I try to sort things out the more he pushes me away. I've been so emotionally upside down with him and I explained on Sunday that I've just not been myself lately due to various circumstances and that I hoped he could accept me for me and not the mess I've been recently. He says that's us over for good now and that he's sorry. Any time I've spoke to him in person he's hugged me and even kissed me on the forehead a few times. He said that I was being too much for him (he's just out a v long term relationship which he ended on his own terms). Also I haven't had sex yet and he said he'd wait for as long as it would take.

I just don't know what to do. Whether to move on or wait and see if he comes around. I know we could be good together, I just need a chance to prove myself to him and that I won't put him under any pressure. Haven't spoken since Sunday.

Anyone got any advice?


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  • Personally, I'm not a huge fan of a guy who can't be there for you when you need emotional support. I know how hard that is, and how much it sucks that the only person you WANT to confide in, you can't because you're scared of pushing them away. It's not a good feeling, and ultimately it's a really hard relationship to be in. Luckily for me my guy was there for me when I needed it, and I was just being stupid scared of being emotionally vulnerable. You need to clearly assess the situation and see whether or not it's YOU that's being too much, or if HE'S not being enough. If you think you haven't been yourself, then stay around if you think he's worth it. But if you find that he's not there for you when you need him to be, then it might be time to find someone who will be.