Once you tell someone, you want to be 'with them', how long would you wait, until its time to move on.

And, What do you think, is a reasonable amount of time, to take to decide?

i don't mean, after uve been rejected. I mean, how quickly do you expect a response, before you decide _you're_ not interested, because they did not respond soon enough.


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  • When your feelings towards him disappear.

    Either by finding someone else.


    Time flying by.

    • im not asking how to get over someone. I'm asking at what point would you do that. not how. when. not because you want someone else. just because you're done with her. not how. WHEN. how many days / weeks/ months.

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    • One week.

    • thanks.

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  • It takes me about a day to get over it now. I've become pretty immune to rejection, and I know how damaging it is to hold on to someone.

    • im not asking how to get over it. I'm asking at what point do you decide to.you did not get rejected.

      im asking after saying you want to be with someone, how quickly do you expect them to respond. a day?

      you expect her to tell you OK, you want to be with u, within 24 hours of you telling her, you want to be with her, or its done?

      its fine, if that's what you're saying, I just want to be clear, that's what you're saying.

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    • & now you understand, so why the tantrum.

    • Because I'm a d*** like that.

  • what do you mean "move on"

    • i mean, move on. as in, not want to be with them anymore. wanting to be with someone who is not interested, is a waste of energy. it just drags you down. if someone doesn't want to be with u. they might not tell u, because they don't want to hurt you, or because they want you as a possibility. but that is not a good use of your time.

      so at what point do you move on 'emotionally'. forget them, as a possibility beyond friends.

      or, how long would you wait before dating someone 'else'.

    • So you mean if they don't respond? I haven't had much experience with that offline, but if a woman on a dating site doesn't respond, I usually give up on her after a week or two.

  • ASAP no point in holding onto it.

    • so if she doesn't immediately in ten seconds, say 'ok' me too, you're done? I'm asking how soon you expect a response.

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