If you stop talking to a girl after being in a semi relationship, does that count as "dumping" her?

We flirted a lot and had great chemistry, but I found out she was lying a lot and after a hurtful experience, I realized that I felt betrayed and never wanted to talk to her.

I stopped talking to her and even when she tried to make contact, I would shoot her down and been at the end of a lot of hate.

My question is, by not talking to her, does this mean that I have "dumped" her?

She lied to be on something really important and I felt betrayed. She hates me now and wants to hurt me and show dominance. I was just wondering if she would have been willing to go out with me and I dumped like this, is that mean?
I didn't think it was dumping as well since we never watched movies, ate dinner, or had sex or anything.


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  • Just don't leave her hanging just talk to her. I had a really good friend do that to me. And I felt so hurt and betrayed. He just left without saying a word. Just tell her and see what she has to say since its been a 1/2 a year maybe she understands why you were/are ignoring her and she wants to mend things with you. As long as your ready to accept her apology and move on.

    Hope I helped.



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  • Regardless what she lied about, you are saying that you never went out, never had dinner, or sex etc... So basically she wasent your girlfriend to begin with so how do you consider yourself as ''dumping her'' ?

    Second of all why are you using the word dumping, what is the horrrrrrible horrible thing she lied about to someone she doesn't even know that well.. Let me tell you something she is not entitled to say the truth fully to someone she had just met if its something very personal or perhaps shocking or would change the way you look at her.

    So since you are so firm about leaving her just be mature enough and face her and tell her Hey I am not interested in knowing you anymore and that's it.

    Because if you leave her hanging like this its just simply mean stupid and immature.

  • What was it that she did that was so hurtful? And technically you aren't dumping her since you guys aren't in a official relationship

    • She lied to me. If I did this, but we didn't have a relationship, does that make me a bad person?

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    • She knows it is because she lied to me because she tried to fix it later, but I wouldn't accept it

    • Well still I think the right thing to do is tell her what she did to hurt you. Sometimes people don't even realize it. And that will help her from repeating the same mistake with someone else. And once you tell her, you don't ever have to speak to her again. But just being mad at her and ignoring her without communicating the issue is somewhat childish. So just do the mature thing and express it to her.

  • You shouldn't just leave hear hanging. At least tell her why you're ignoring her, then go back to ignoring her.

    • Wait, why can't you just not tlak to her if you didn't have an official relatoinship

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    • There was an idea that we might go out and have a date possibly. It's been more than half a year. *Sigh*

      If you been dumped like this, how would you react?

    • You haven't "Dumped" her.

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  • When I stop talking and not contacting her I usually do it because I want to stop the relationship, and wanna dump her so to speak.

    • If you were passed the talking a lot stage, does that still count as dumping and are girls usually hurt by it? I thought we didn't do anything and it wasn't that big of a deal.

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