Is seducing girls a lot like being a salesman?

i have not had too much experiences with girls or being a salesman so I just want to ask people who have, is it?

what are the similarities and differences?


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  • A salesman talks talks and talks only about the qualities and not about the disadvantages of the product he is selling (in seduction, the product would be you.. And praising yourself.. Um selfish isn't it?)

    So no its not the same besides a salesman approaches the costumer (in seduction the guy approaches the girl.. True however the costumers are looking for the product and the salesman knows what these people are looking for by asking.. Again in seduction it kinda works the same) but well I don't see myself go up to a girp, ask her what she likes about me then ramble on for 30 minutes on why she should be with me

    It would be a huge turnoff lol


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  • Lol, it actually makes sense. If you wanna be a ladiesman and seduce girls, you gotta sell yourself. So you have to make the looks of the product attractive but be sure the "buyers" (the girls you wanna seduce) like the quality of the product as well, otherwise they're gonna want to exchange you for a different model within fourteen days of purchase ;) lol


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  • not the same but probably some similarities. I used to work as a tech for a large group of very competitive door to door sales men and there was definitely a correlation between their average yearly sales capacity and the easy with which they could pick up new women, the best sale's men were always knee deep in new p**** and as soon as a woman would get fed up with their crap they would just dump her for a new model that's pretty much how they talk about it.

    • My brother does door to door sales and he doesn't have trouble getting women. It's almost too easy, so yes, there are probably similarities.

  • Not alike at all.

    Being a salesman requires knowledge (to be a good one), charisma, humbleness and a lot of confidence.

    Seducing a girl requires...I don't know man. Women confuse me, but I f***ing love them.