Is this a deliberate act?

Ok, you are a guy, you hit on a female friend, kissing her on her neck/shoulder twice, even though you have known her for a long long time. You flirted with her for a while. She has pulled back from the flirting because she is in a relationship, and you have a girlfriend ( according to the rumors).

Now, the two of you are meeting up again. You as the guy has booked the same cafe, where you hit on her.and kissed her neck.

Is booking and meeting at the same cafe a deliberate action on his part ? I would have thought that if you have pulled back from the flirting, you would avoid going back to the same place to meet up? Or is he just plain naive and dumb?


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  • I don't see how the place is a big deal. I wouldn't even have thought about that. Maybe it's just a place where he likes to hang out and goes to a lot?

  • I don't see how the place matters,either way you or whoever it is should stop what they are doing,if one or both of them are already taken,it's not cool.