When do you know that you are done and don't want to deal with him/her anymore?

I just feel like venting,I came to a point where I am just done and I do not want to know anything, just screw it,screw him and also his fake friendship. He can go and do whatever he wants, he can f*** all my friends and do whatever, I just don't care, he is not the last guy on the planet nor the best.

I hate people who mess with your feelings to fulfill their ego and when you ignore them, they act like they are so good people and that it is all your fault.

Im done when I deep down I realize that it was just fake,Bullsh** and that it was such a waste of my time and I don't Care.

What about you?


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  • Yeah I had maybe one or two of those aswell.

  • When you get to the point where you are right now. That feeling of just not caring anymore because they never let up or are always trying to find ways to make sure your hurting. I know that feeling all to well & the best thing to do is turn your back on them & walk away.

    At least once you leave you find out fast enough if you really did mean anything to them & you did the right thing leaving or just there to feed their ego,.


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