Has anyone ever been tricked into a kiss?

A few months ago this guy who said he noticed me around school started talking to me and acting very interested in me...too interested. So during a college fair one afternoon he found me and asked if we could talk. I agreed and followed him to a secluded area(bad idea) and he began to question me and supposedly proceed to "get to know me."

He was coming on VERY strong and I smelled a rat but didn't want to be rude and just blow him off. Finally I told him I had to get back to the activities so he asked for a kiss on the cheek which I feel I should have refused because he kissed me ! Although it wasn't awful I had zero feelings for the guy, I barely knew him. Wow I know what this guy wanted! Maybe it was my fault.


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  • I know where your coming from and my advise to you is very simple and very important alwasy go with your instincts. A girls feels will usally tell her when things aren't what they seem. It took me years to finally learne that and it have always kept me out of the bad kind of trouble that I try to avoid.