Kissing Questions...

1.What kind of kissing do prefer?

Strong, soft, playful

French, Normal

Touching, no touching

confident, passionate, reserved

biting, no biting

lip sucking, no lip sucking


2.where do you like his hands to be? on your:



-Rubbing you sides



3.Do you like him pushing against you or not?

4.Do you like to be sitting or standing?

5.Where do you like to kiss?

6.Do you like to kiss in front of people?

7.Do you like Hickies?

8.Do you prefer kissing someone you really like, or just like to kiss anyone?

9.Do you think Kiss is more special than sex?

Please state others.


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. What kind of kissing do you prefer? All of the above

    2. Where do you like his hands to be? All of the above

    3. Do you like him pushing against you or not? Yes

    4. Do you like to be sitting or standing? Both

    5. Where do you like to kiss? Everywhere

    6. Do you like to kiss in front of people? Don't care

    7. Do you like hickies? Indifferent

    8. Do you prefer kissing someone you really like, or just like to kiss anyone? Only my boyfriend

    9. Do you think kissing is more special than sex? Sometimes, if it's in the right moment.


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What Girls Said 12

  • .What kind of kissing do prefer? french and some biting

    2. my ass and boobs grabbing it





    7.very much so

    8.both way!

  • 1. Depends on the mood I like all though
    2. I like rubbig my back actually. Like a back scratch and make out at once! Haha
    3. Not too much but a little is good
    4.sitting because I'm super short so I don't like bein on my tippy toes
    5. In the car overlooking city lights is always fun. And one of the first times my boyfriend kissed me :)
    7. No they're embarrassing and hard to cover up.
    8.only kiss boys I REALLY like. I've kissed two and I'm 18!
    9. Don't know I'm a virgin

  • 1. All, it just depends. Usually passionate though.

    2. Face or sides usually.


    4. Standing

    5. Where? Like on them?

    6. Not too much

    7. No

    8. Someone I'm pretty into

    9. Depends? It could be I guess?

  • 1. All, it just depends. Usually passionate though.

    2. Face or sides usually.


    4. Standing

    5. Where? Like on them?

    6. Not too much

    7. No

    8. Someone I'm pretty into

    9. Depends? It can be

  • I like to be kissed assertively, not shy or second-guessing. I don't like tongue, but passionate I'm all down for. Gentle biting, as in nibbling, NOT chewing. Lip sucking is a yes. I want his hands on my hair (not face or tangled in my hair, just on it), Or on my shoulders or lower back. Neck can feel to choke-y sometimes :( Unless the kiss is leading to a hook-up, keep out of the no-no zones! I like it when my boyfriend will pull me against him, its comforting and intimate. Standing definitely, umm anywhere? Sure, if a guy kisses you in front of his friends it makes the girl feel like he is proud to have her. A hickie is a complicated thing. Some girls want it as a prize, others will be embarrassed. Just avoid it unless she makes it clear that she wants it. Kissing can be intimate, but if its just anyone, it will definitely be shorter and obviously less passionate. A kiss can mean a lot of things, but most girls just want their romantic 80's movie moment.

  • 1) the type of kissing depends on what mood I'm in, but I always like some french kissing:) 2) I like his hands anywhere, but it think its sweet when he holds my face 3) if by pushing you mean dry humping then yes! 4) I like sitting on his lap, like straddling 5) anywhere private, I hate pda 6) lol no, pecks are okay tho 7) no 8) kissing someone I really like, it makes it feel more special :) 9) I guess it depends, theyre both important in a relsationship

  • I just go for the gusto, I'm all in.

  • 1. Depends on the context around the kiss. My favorite kisses are soft or strong, normal, touching, light or no biting.
    2. I love his hands on my lower back or neck.
    3. Pushing against me, definitely.
    4. Either one but I prefer laying down or him on top of me.
    5. Depends on the context but intimate kisses are awesome somewhere private.
    6. Soft kisses in front of people, I'm reserved that way.
    7. No hickies.
    8. I'll only kiss someone I really like.
    9. I'm not sure.

  • 1.
    a. All, depends on my mood and the situation.
    b. Normal
    c. Touching
    d. Again, depends on the mood, but confident and passionate is breathtaking.
    e. No biting.
    f. No sucking

    I like a bit of a surprise in the kiss. Pounce on me, or be gentle with me, just don't hurt me basically!

    2. He only really touches my back or bum, or has his arms round me and one arm going up my back to support my neck. I don't like him rubbing my sides.

    3. Yes

    4. Either :)

    5. In private, as long as there aren't others around I'm happy.

    6. No ha.

    7. No.

    8. Someone I really like.

    9. Hmm... debateable. A kiss leads up to it, builds your emotions. Each kiss can mean something different, but sex can be lose-yourself-in the moment. I'd probably say no but it's a tough call.

  • It really just depends on the day, but usually:

    1. Playful, French, Touching, Confident, no biting. Lip Sucking

    2. Rubbing my Sides or Ass

    3. Yes

    4. Standing

    5. Anywhere

    6. It really does not matter

    7. Not really, they make school, trips home, and work a little more awkward than needed

    8. Someone I really like

    9. No

  • 1. All types. Esp French

    2. All over me. Esp boobs

    3 .Yes!

    4. Depends

    5. Somewhere private

    6. Not really.

    7. I don't like marks being left on my body, but enjoy everything he does with his mouth on my body! lol

    8. Someone I really like... alot

    9. They are different. Linked but different

  • I like soft and strong french kissing.

    I want passionate too.

    I like him to push but be gentle, it depends what mood I am in.


    I like to kiss in the shower, in the moonlight, a lot of areas :)


    I like hickies, but I remember I had an ex boyfriend who gave me one and it actually started to hurt, he was too much. Lol. After he was done, it was red and blue.

    To me kissing is special, you don;t just do it with anyone. For me to kiss someone, it is going to be some I really like.

    I think it can be.


What Guys Said 3

  • 1 - all kissing is good. It just depends on the mood and the moment
    2 - hair and/or chest
    3 - very much so, but again dependant on the mood and moment.
    4 - both is good, one could be favourable depending on height difference
    5 - wouldn't really mind it anywhere
    6 - not bothered. Alone does have more intimacy though
    7 - never had one, not fussed
    8 - there's always that extra something when its someone you like
    9 - first times in both are equally as important. After that I'm not particularly sure. I suppose sex becomes a more important part of a healthy relationship but whether that makes it more special I don't know.

  • 1. It depends on the time and place
    2. Not ass ta fauq...
    3. Again depends on the stype of kiss, but generally sure...
    4. BOTH
    5. doesn't matter the more spontaneous the better
    6. I don't mind
    7. Sure...
    8. obviously someone I like...
    9. Ta fauq?

  • 1 - All of them.
    2 - Situational, cutest is face and hair.
    3 - Yes
    4 - Both
    5 - Anywhere
    6 - Yes
    7 - Don't mind them
    8 - I only kiss girls I really like
    9 - No, sex is more special