Is this a good sneaky way to let him know I like him?

So currently I'm in a musical and have grown feelings for the lead. We've become pretty good friends, the touch barrier is pretty much non existent. I stand beside him at curtain call and when it is time to hold hands, I intertwine my fingers in his. He goes along with it and doesn't say anything. We frequently make eye contact and we smile and laugh together, but am I giving off the right vibes?


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  • It's hard to say. Are you touchy feely with other people too? Do you hang out with him outside of the play?

    Differentiate the way you act towards him and the way you act towards other guys. Make him feel special. Then maybe he'll get the idea. If you have to, just do something that's stupidly obvious.

    • I'm not touchy feely person. I don't really have a chance to hangout with him outside of the play, he lives an hour away from me. And I still need to find a way to keep in contact with him, he doesn't have a Facebook

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    • Alright :)

    • Oh and I added you

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