What's your definition of a relationship?

So often on this site you see people asking for definitions of love, being in love, friends with benefits, if he loves her, etc.

All valid questions.

But what is your definition of a relationship? I think it will help both guys and girls realize why the other questions, e.g. are we more than friends with benefits? pop up. We'll know what the "signs" of a relationship are.

So..how do you define it? :)


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  • aIm assuming you mean, romantic, as we have numerous relationships.

    'romantic- relationship', is minimally a relationship, you both agree you are in,. have discussed what it means to u, & have come to a mutually satisfactory definition.

    those asking for us to define their relationship, are delusional. if you can't TALK about your 'relationship' with the person, you're supposedly with. you're not _in_ a relationship.

    anyone who has to ask strangers, if they are in a relationship, is not in a relationship.

    what your relationship is, & what you need to maintain one, are also different.

    ingredients & definition, is not the same thing.

    like a cake might be made out of milk butter es sugar flour baking powder, but those ingredients are not necessarily a ca,e. nor is a cake necessarily made out of those ingredients.

    thats why discussion, is important.


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  • woman in a cage.

    that's how I roll.


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  • a relationship is the interaction between two people that is regular and consistent. technically FWB is a type of relationship but you are not "in a relationship"

    in a relationship means you are seeing each other exclusively and are boyfriend and girlfriend. you are "Special" to each other on a level that no other person is to either of you and you only do sexual things with each other and only go on dates with each other. that's what I think I means to most people.