I'm into the worst Love Triangle!

So there are two best friends named Ben & Ted (fictional names)

Ben & I met a year & a half ago,we liked each other a lot,used to call every night got off with each other every time we met. As when we started to develop feelings for each other, he met this girl and got into a relationship with her. During this time he became best friends with Ted. We stopped talking until 5 months ago,when he got single again and being a player & a very attractive looking he is, he spotted my best friend & we made a deal that he goes out with her while I go out with Ted. Ben & I never told anyone about our relationship in the past,not even to my best friend & Ted. So they do not know anything about us.

Ben & my best friend was a one time only, though Ted & I kept going as we liked each other, but nothing serious.

Recently,I was meeting Ted quite a lot & things are getting serious,although Ben is getting jealous of us.

Yesterday, I spent the night out with them & we hit the clubs. I was dancing with them & Ben was grabbing my hand while Ted holds my waist.Ben talks in a way that only I can understand, like he was saying "how come you get a gorgeous blondie like her & here there's nobody?" and Ted told him that there are a lot of girls,& advised him to go pull one,tho Ben wanted a blond & I was the only one in the room. Ted went to get a drink & there was me & Ben. He was feeling down,I put my hand on his cheek & told him I'll get him my friend. He grabbed my hand & with his eyes were fixed to mine he told me that no girl was pretty enough in the room,so he refused my offer. I jokingly told him let me get my twin & he said "yes please." He was looking at me with the same look he used to give me that time.

Yeah,I still like Ben, & I know he wants me back .

Though I don't want to hurt Ted as he's an amazing guy,respects me a lot & I really like him too.

I'm scared of finding out about us. So were just burying it under.

What should I do? Help ! :(

  • Keep going out with Ted,keeping Ben & I a secret.
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  • Go out with Ben, keeping it a secret between us.
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Hey guys,a quick update :)!

Ben & Ted got into some argument and stopped talking,therefore they're not friends anymore.

I stopped dating Ted,turns out he's a complete jackass after all :<.

Ben & I became really good friends,but I think I just got friend zoned now haha.


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  • Well, if you wanna go out with a player, choose Ben. If you want to stay in the healthy relationship that it seems you have with Ted, choose Ted, but tell him about your past with Ben (secrets can turn out really badly once the other person finds out in an unconventional way). Whichever one works for you. But if Ben's willing to cheat on his best friend with you, then you really won't be able to expect much from a relationship with him (if that is what you want - if you're fine with just having a fling with him though, then break up with Ted and have that fling). It's really not that tough of a decision if you can figure out what type of love life you want.

    • Thanks for BA... what are you planning to do?

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    • hes not my boyfriend,we're just dating and taking things slow :) yeah I think its the best thing to do :/

    • Oh ha ha sorry. This whole time I was under the impression that he was your boyfriend. But still, you did say it's starting to get serious with him.

      If you really do want to stay away from Ben in a more-than-friends way, you should try to stay away from settings where something could happen, like at that club with him.

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  • Simple, Stop being a child and choose one. If something goes wrong, Your young, its a lesson learned...

  • Have a 4 sum, then it will be a love square.

  • Of the two it sounds like Ben is the nicer guy.

    So I say go out with Ted. You're obviously not a responsible person and there's no point in dragging poor old Ben down with you. Go out with Ted so you'll get what you deserve.

  • Can't choose on for sure, not truly interested in either enough to really bother. Just don't bother with either and find someone else. You don't HAVE to date someone you know. And if you aren't 100% sure easily that you want to be with someone? Then you aren't really that interested. So don't.

    And never keep secrets. Secrets are stupid.


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  • I find it amusing how your poll options are either: Be with Ben and keep Ted a secret or be with Ted and keep Ben a secret...how about you pick one and cut the other one down to friend status?