Guys wait around to be texted by girls they like?

guy I am seeing..most days he texts and or calls me. he has a busy job and one day I didn't hear from him so the next day he was upset at me telling me that he was busy but he was expecting me to send him a text and was disappointed that I didn't.

today I didn't hear from him so finally I texted him in the evening and he goes "so you finally decide to text me"

most days he is the one making contact, more often than I initiate it.

does this mean he gets upset to not hear from me, that he does what girls do (look at the phone hoping to hear from the person they like)? because I assume if he doesn't text me he doesn't want to talk but then he told me I am wrong about that. I would just hate to look clingy though.


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  • Yes, guys actually like to hear from girls.

    I don't it's good to literally be waiting for their text, but it's always nice to see a girl's name pop up on your phone's screen, can make the whole day much better, especially if the guy's the one usually initiating.

    As for the clingy thing, I think it depends on the two people. Everyone has a certain level of "clingy", because it's only normal to want the person you like. It's just a matter of figuring out the person and what they prefer.

    So the guy you're seeing, I don't think he would see you as clingy for texting him at all. He just wants to hear from you!


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  • I think that when guys start relationships with girls, the guy will start texting or initiate contact. However, if the girl doesn't show some sign of attention or interest then the guy starts to wonder if he scared the girl off. I think that he does get upset if he doesn't hear from you. After all, guys are protective. You will not look or seem clingy if you text him first. It will show him that you are willing to take the time to invest into the relationship you two are developing. And he probably didn't contact you because you did not show any interest. The guy will only continue to make contact if the gal permits the continuation of it. However, you have nothing to be sad about. Just talk to him when you get the chance and everything should be alright. I hope my advice can give you some comfort and best of luck resolving your situation! Keep me posted okay! :)

  • Probably hoping you would put the same effort into talking to him that he does. If girls never or very rarely initiate a conversation, we assume they are not interested.


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