Why would he send me the pic I sent him?

Long story short I've liked this guy for more than a year & a half , he has a 2 year old boy he lives with his sister, BUT was with his baby's mom for 7 yrs.. I feel he is still hurt, and I would go to his house we would make out ..cuddled, we did NOT have sex but he did touch me, overall I felt he was giving me mixed signals so I told him I can't be your friend anymore I tried & I can't , I wanted to meet up & talk but he said he didn't want to hurt me it wasn't his intention, SO I unfriended him from Facebook & I felt I needed closure so I ended up writing him a letter through mail of how I felt & why I acted that way et.. HE said he liked the letter A LOT, so now I'm ignoring him & he only text me twice, the last text he send me was a pic of us! he was hugging me & he just said Hey hope your doing good ...just wanted to share it...WHYYYYYYYYY would he send me the pic I sent him ? I felt he did like me but maybe he didn't think I was serious I don't know but it sucks...What do you guys think..girls? why would he sent me the pic ? I wonder if he misses me or what

He is making it worse for me to move on if he text me & if he is sending me the pic I sent him WHYYY! R GUYS SO DIFFICULT :(


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  • he is interested. The pic was probably suppose to be cute.

    • But why? :( in the letter I told him I've liked him sisnce the beginnig , cause he has told me the same& I told him also that ..do I c myself with a guy who has a kid ? I'm like of course & I basically TOLD him everything I felt & it felt good! so now I left it as I thank God I met you & I've learned a lot from him & I told him to be more careful , he said he didn't want to hurt me but he did cause he was giving me mixed signals! SO NOW he is wasting my time & making it worse for me idf he is send pic

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    • So I'm gonna ignore him now ! & if he cares he will keep chasing me right? ...im done I'm trying to move on what do you think?

    • If you are done with him you should tell him you aren't interested cause the last thing he got was a letter displaying your love for him. After telling him that cut communication and move on with your life. If he ahs some self respect he will stop chasing once he knows you aren't interested.

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