Girls, what would the the best first date

Ok so would it be the beach a park the movies where and what would be the best first date you have ever had?


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  • one where everything flows..good conversation and attraction and I genuinely enjoy him and wnat to see him again


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  • Of the three choices you listed, I'd pick the park. The park is outdoors, and you're not is a swim suit. I find this good since then if there's a second date, you'll know he's not into you for your body. And movies don't give you a chance to talk. My best first date was mini golfing with my current boyfriend. We had been friends before, so this was a no pressure situation. It was like we were just hanging out, but it was just us. We kept the flirtatious banter light and the slight edge of competition was good. As we were friends before, and interest had already been apparent beforehand, it was a pretty seamless transition.


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