Are these text convo's going my way or no? (actual text dialogue)

I'll start by saying That I hung out with this girl after not seeing her for 3 years. She's seems really interested when we are together (a little physical contact, laughs, smiles ect) but it's the "getting together that's the hardest with her." She makes effort sometimes, other times not. Read these texts and tell me if you think she's Interested/ Not interested or just busy (because she is in nursing school)

Me: Hey what's up? Her: Oh not a lot abouttot go to bed you?

Me: ha ha tired? Did you wan't to hang out tomorrow night?

Her: I would but I already committed to babysitting :-( one night soon tho for sure. Me: OK that's fine. Just let me know whenever your free. I'm open most nights. Her: Okay any night next week would probably be fine. Me: OK sounds good. When you get back from (city) just let me know :) Her: OK sounds good to me! :-)


Me: Hey you! Have anything planned for tomorrow night?

Her: I have a softball game at nine. Me: OK did you want to hang out one night this weekend? Her: Yes! I would love to!

Me: OK how is Sat night? Her: Um probably good

Me: OK sounds good! Lake around 7ish? Her: Okay :-)

Me: I'll text you Sat afternoon :) Her: Okay :-)

Me: Hey! Are you still good for tonight? Her: Yeah. Around what time? Me: Around 8? Does that work for you?

Her: that's good. I don't have much going on today

Me: OK sounds good. I'll text you around 7:30 Her: Okay sounds good. Her: Hey would you maybe want to come up to the (Bar) and have a beer with a couple people instead? Me: Yeah we can do that! Same time? Her: Yeah like 8 Me: Perfect. I'll let you know when I leave. Her: Okay Me: I'm headed that way! Her: Ah I'm eating! Sorry! It's going to be just a little bit I'm so sorry! Dinner is taking forever! Me: ha ha it's fine! Don't worry. I'll just have a few beer take your time. Her: Okay I'm really sorry! Me: Your fine haha. I really don't mind ;) Her: I feel bad tho

Me: Don't ha ha Her: On my way (we stay out late at the bars she lets me crash at her place and offers me to sleep with her. Nothing happened. I try to initiate some hang out time the next few days but she is busy (even though I have her debit card in my car) with her internship and goes to bed at like 6pm to wake up at 4am. A FEW DAYS LATER:

Me: OK I'm about out of here. What are you up to now?

Her: I'm going to my moms for a bit. Me: OK well I'd like to see you so text me if you have time later. Her: Okay sounds good.

Her: Sorry I've had a crazy busy evening! Tomorrow? I promise I'll have some time to get together :-) Me: Hey it's fine. Your busier than me haha. I know I need to get your card back but I wan't to see you too cause I had a good time the other night :)

Her: Yeah I did too! I'm just so busy during the week. How about we try to have time to meet up and have ice cream or something tomorrow? I need some ice cream ;-) hahaha


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  • it sounds like there is some interest there, you very well might have a chance


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