Is this an invitation to hang out? how do I respond? Hurry! Quick Help please! GIRLS

ok so, long story short...on fb...i kidna reconnected with this girl I hugn out with briefly in high school...havent seen here in like 3 years...but we had a little fb convo...and if I'm interpreting this right...she might wanna ahgn out...and how do I respond and not sound dweebish? here's the convo (little background...shes trying some modeling profile or something and lsits her race as "White" and I make the first joke about it) :

ME: your white?

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Girl: I lied on my resume. I'm phillipino

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ME: you mean Fillipino...with an "f"?

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ME: o and my bad there's only one "L"...

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Girl: I'm paid to look good not to spell

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ME: link

the definition of filipino

Filipino definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! .

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ME: ?"I'm paid to look good not to spell"------u seriously need to gun for future ms America...u got the idea down

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Girl: if philippines is spelled like that then why is fillipino with an f? Also I didn't capitalize that on purpose. Not Because I'm dumb, but because I'm racist. Duh.

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ME: ?"if philippines is spelled like that then why is fillipino with an f?"----same reason you park in a driveway and drive in parkway...and don't worry I won't tell anyone your a self loathing racist filipino...

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Girl: All anyways. I guess book me to party with you or



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  • LOL uhh no offense, she doesn't sound all that intelligent.. and you can't lie on your resume anyways, when they find out they'll just be like wow you're a liar.. can't work with you, we are looking for actual white people.

    That was so random of her anyways, but yea hit her up next time you go party and if she's not busy sounds like she'd be down.

    • she was joking...shes 100% white...i was just messing with her and she was leiing about being filipino..we have dumb humo conversations like this all the time

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  • Like she said... You can hang out or not.

    If you want to which I'm sure you do then just say

    Option 1:

    Whats your plans for tonight/tomorrow/whenever (pick a day)

    Wait for a response and then say:

    Want to do something?

    Option 2:

    I was thinking maybe we could get to together hang out and catch up?

    (Give her time, place and date)

    If not suitable for her:

    Simply say OK cool but whenever you feel like having a good time, I'm your guy! (**,)

    So let me know...

    As simply as that!

    • i isntante messaged her and we talked...things llok good and I got her new number (hadnt had her number in forever) btw...this is random but its cool to see someone from south africa...

    • Great! seems like things are going well!

      lol, thanks, have you ever been to South Africa?

    • no, I'm just really interested in it! I'm kind of a hisotry-social studies/ politics nerd and I realize that I didn't know a lot about other parts of the world...i read a bunch of books about apartheid and politics now and the history of the boers/brits...etc...etc and I just find it really interesting.

  • simple answer... for sure

    • u think she's actually asking me to hang out?

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    • ive gotta agree with jesshkah on this one

    • No, there isn't a party are anything..i think she jsut emant generally...thers no party I'm going to anytime soon..infact I haven't been to a party party in more a of hang out with ahandful of friends...hit the bar kinda guy.

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