Purposefully got me to like him so he could get revenge on me for not liking him sooner?

This guy really liked me I guess... so he spent 4 years trying to get me to like him again. We dated briefly for 2 weeks in high school. anywho, after we got together 4 years later he told me it was just revenge for not liking him back in the day...


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  • whack job. But some guys (and gals) are more bitter and vindictive than you'd think. Imagine, that for 4 years this guy held a grudge! 4 years he wasted his time trying to get you to like him so that he could "get revenge." He wasted so much time. I pitty him more than you... because you had four years of wooing and one day of let down (from which you can move on) while he had 4 years of let down, wooing and making feel great the very woman he sought revenge. That's a stupid trade if you ask me. Seems he got the short end of the stick. That's why I don't hold grudges, and get over stuff pdq.

    just think, you were right all along. that's not the kind of guy anybody would want!

    • hmm yeah, very true. I actually dated someone else for 2 years during that 4 year period. crazy... I was so shocked. it was a pretty tragic ending to our friendship.

    • he sounds like a pretty tragic guy, if you ask me.

    • aw sad, you might be right though

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  • I don't understand the question?

    • why would he do that?

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    • Not unless you killed his family and burned down his house. Some people are f***ed, some carry grudges the rest of their lives.

    • wow, that's intense. once he got back at me he didn't want anything to do with me. he tried to beg me for friendship when I said we had to part ways and then when I agreed to be friends...never heard from him.

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  • he sounds like a wacko

    • yeah... isn't that just too weird?

  • What a tard! Clearly, he had a little case of psychosis because that's just a tad bit strange. No, it's a lot strange. I would say just forget about him, move on to less mental people (:

    • haha hmm yeah. idk, see I wasn't sure if this was a guy thing.