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i need advice on something... There's this girl I work with who I really like, and I really thought that she liked me too. Unless I'm really dumb and can't read into social context, she seems to send me a lot of signals. A few coworkers also agreed that it seems that she likes me. Anyway for the past few months we hang out for like an hour or so in her car and just talk and listen to music. I really want to kiss her but I never have kissed a girl before soI didn't know how to go about doing it. Two nights ago we were hanging out and I asked her if we like each other. She said no. Do girls sometimes do that because they were shocked by me being so direct or does she probably really not like me? Also did I really turn her off by telling her I liked her and not just straight up kissing her?


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  • A guy who I really liked once asked me if I like him. I said no to him. I think I was scared that he would say "but I don't, hahaha!" after I say yes. And he did say that he didn't like me before so... I concluded that he was playing around. Another reason was I had never dated before so I suppose it was incredibly nerve-wrecking to say yes, as simple as it seems.

    Not sure how your situation was like. If you did tell her that you like her, maybe it's a completely different story.

  • The fact that you asked her if you two like each other makes you sound lame. No offense. lol

    You could invite her to hang out with you and your friends; tell her that she can bring one of her friends along, too. Oh, get her number! This way, you can text her with small talk for a couple days/ weeks, then be like "Sooo, hey. I kinda like you, would you be interested in going on a date with me?"

    That's how I was always asked out and it worked. lol

    • i have her number, I don't text her much throughout the day, except for if she wants to hang out that night, and we usually do.

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