Boyfriend advice - what should I do?

okay so me and my boyfriend have been dating for about a year when we first started dating he would always ask me to hangout and drink with him if he was going out now he never asks me to hangout or do anything and he just stops replying to my texts when he's drunk, and whenever I go out and ask him to come he always makes excuses not too but when another girl asks him to go he goes right away and he went to the beach with his friends and 2 other girls and didn't tell me.. the other day I went threw his texts while he was in the shower and there was one from a girl that said "f*** my mom knows you slept over" then he replied saying "wtf how.." then she said how her mom gave her the disappointed in you talk. I phoned one of my boyfriend friends who I'm also pretty close with and he said that night they were drinking then he said that another guy slept at her house too and that he wouldn't cheat on me but then his friend changed the story and said that the other guy wasn't there but 2 other girls were? I wouldn't take him as the cheating type but I just don't know what to do, he's been acting different lately.. should I break up with him?


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  • It sounds like as if he's up to no good. Why would your boyfriend not want to spend any of his free time with you? It just dosn't make any sense that he would rather hang out and be with another girl rather than his own girlfriend. Communicate with him and ask him what's going on. It clearly does not look like as if he actually wants to be with you.

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