Guys. Does this sound legit or am I just a booty call?

I am seeing this guy and he is being really sweet and nice.

We have been on a couple of dates and have had sex. He has still shown interest since.

Ringing me up for no reason just to talk and get to know me and asking me out again on the weekend a couple of days in advance and out during the day.

He initiates every phone call and text. We speak on the phone for at least an hour or two.

He tells me that he is comfortable around me. That he enjoys my company and that he likes me.

Still initiates messages in the morning at times saying hello beautiful.

We have hung out before having sex and have a really good time together. He even agrees on this.

Just confused. Not sure if he is being genuine or not..


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  • Is your age legit?

    • Could be. LoLz. :P.

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    • Yeah. He is in his mid 30's. I'm early 30's. We are close in age which is good. True. He could probably pick up younger girls if he just wanted casual sex (he looks young for his age, we both do). Other guys I have dated that did not want anything serious have not acted as interested as he is being. He has mentioned liking me a couple of times as well. Just spun out at how he is acting and the feeling is mutual. Just hope I am not being led on. Things seem to be going well. Fingers crossed.

    • He's legit

      Things may end up falling apart but even if they do, I believe that what you're feeling now is real.

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  • Don't see anything in your post that says he's not genuine. Enjoy a guy who is into you and enjoy the sex too.

    • He has even said himself that he is into me. Just still weary of him. Cause besides all that even though things are looking really great. Not sure where I stand but know I can't force it. Just have to continue enjoying spending time with him.

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    • No. Just wondering that's all and have just been taking it easy and enjoying being with him. Just scared of getting hurt like I have in the past. Hence the questions.

    • Unortuately when we get involved, we automatically make ourselves vulnrable.

  • He cares. He won't hang with you, wouldn't be saying nice things.

    Damn, he texts in the morning...I would call a girlfriend in morning (pretext, there was such a time), and didn't one morning...she thought I was going to dump her...

    This guy is into, sounds,like he may be shy in some ways. Be yourself, let it flow, and enjoy it.

    Cause it sounds like you got something here...

    • He seems really sweet in the texts. It does not even bother me if he does not text every day. LoL. No expectations. Always makes me smile when I get them but.

      Hope so cause it sure does feel like there is something there.

    • If sweet, then just enjoy :)

  • Someone's love-struck. All that there screams he's really into you, you're just too fluttered to see it at the moment. The sex is just a +.

    • I've just been burned a few times. Feeling a little nervous after sleeping with him. Know how guys can be. Just don't wanna be sucked in if he is just another jerk in disguise. He does not seem to be. That is the confusing part!

    • Heh, I hear ya.

      "We have hung out before having sex and have a really good time together."

      "Still initiates messages in the morning at times saying hello beautiful."

      ^- 2 things that wouldn't have happened with a jerk.

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  • It sounds like he really likes you because if he didn't he wouldn't be talking to you. But if you are suspicious of him, then just take it slow and see where it goes.

  • Hey just curious to know the outcome..I'm kinda in a similar situation

  • yeah he likes you for sure. the only thing I would be hesitant about is if he ever said he is "not looking to get serious" or "only looking to have fun" or "not looking to settle down" but he sounds very into you.

    • No he has not said anything like that at all which is good.

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