Girls - Do you really want to know?

A question for the ladies - Say you have a guy friend. Now, whether you like him or liked him is irrelevant. Let's just assume that it can't work out, regardless. And he's never been entirely clear how he feels about you anyway.

Would you want to know if he liked you?

From what I've read on this site, it seems girls always want to know for sure. Even if they just suspect, they always want to know.

But I wonder if they want to know because they want the ego boost, or because they then think something might happen.

Does it make a difference if you know nothing can happen? Does it make a difference if you don't feel the same way? Do you secretly think he might like you, but keeps his mouth shut so you never have to have an awkward conversation and let him down gently?

Please choose the poll option that applies to you best.

  • I always want to know.
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  • I only want to know because I like him too.
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  • I only want to know because it makes me feel good to know someone fancies me.
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  • If I don't like him, then I just hope he never tells me. I hate letting people down.
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  • If nothing can ever happen, what's the point? Just keep it to yourself.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • In the few cases where we don't want to know, you should tell anyway - for your sake and to be sure that you did what you could and should.

    Why? Because knowing that a guy likes us for sure can open us up for the possibility of a relationship. Sometimes we don't even think about him as more than friends, but we can awake for that possibility. It does make a difference (a positive one), and in the cases that it doesn't make a difference (or harms the relation) it's because there never was a chance of something more than a friendship.

    Sometimes we do secretely think he likes us and just try to forget that or let it go, but in that case you should tell anyway and find out for yourself. She'll get over it..and you may too :)


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  • if nothing can happen, its pointless. I wouldn't want to know.

  • No, I do not want to know. I would not want to put our friendship in jeopardy. Knowing would not make me feel good at all.

  • I want to know because I want to see how he feels, just because a guy's feeling are really important to me.

    I always want to know. Who knows, we can still be cool friends. x DD

  • If you don't like the guy, it's ego boost but also there's the though: if you should probably be more careful around the guy or what you say around him.

    If you like the guy, it's because you want something to happen

  • I'd want to know so I can see why he acts a certain way.


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