Why do guys reply with 'cool cool'?

I said you should come over to my new place when I get settled and he said cool cool. We have known each other forever but had a fight so we are just now texting. But what does cool cool mean?


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  • Read it like this, "Cool...Cool." That's like bro-talk for "sure", "whatevs", "I'm up for that!" Ya know?

    • so he wants to come over but he's tryin to play it like w/e no big deal?

    • Pretty much!

  • If I wrote that it would roughly translate to "okay yes, stop talking to me but I will confuse you with a word you associate with acceptance so I don't look like I'm blowing you off...wait better write it twice so she understands...bit slow that one". But I'm not a man and it could quite simply mean "Cool".

    • so why reply at all then?

    • To keep future lines of communication open without fully commiting to said visit.

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