Am I just not appealing to guys as a friend that's a girl?

All my life I've had mostly girl friends. They were the ones I get really close to. I've never had a boyfriend, but always kind of just wanted to get that same closeness with some guys. But it's like they either don't notice me, avoid me, or the farthest we get is become their acquaintance but no contact out of school, etc.

Is it just because I don't seem like I'd be a good friend with guys? It's so much more different from being friends with girls, they're just so much more chill and have an easygoing look on life. I guess my only problem would be starting to fall for them after a while, hehe. All I know is that there are lots of girls who manage to pull off the whole platonic thing.


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  • Well, if you want guys to notice you... I think you've got to do something a little extra, like be more outgoing and stuff... and be open minded sometimes, because most of them have a completely different view of things from girls... :)