Is there any case where a girl that likes you would tell you to look for other girls?

This girl has been flirting with me for weeks now (the signs and signals could not be more clear) and I thought she liked me. But during a group conversation we had yesterday, she mentioned that I should be able to find a lot of single girls at this event I'm going to. And if I do meet one, she has to be pretty.

Can anyone explain this?


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  • She is likely hoping you will say:

    "I'm not interested in meeting girls there."


    "There won't be anyone prettier than you."


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  • she probably is seeing how you will react. guys do similar things to girls as well.

  • it is kinda like a test, in girl terms.

    for example she could find someone completely opposite of herself and say that you and her would look cute together. she wants to see if you will deny it or say something about how you would rather go for a girl like her.


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