I don't know when she is irritated or aggravated and something is bothering her?

OK me and my girlfriend where talking and I told her that when she is irritated or aggravated or something bothering her she tends to say one word and sound not interested and I don't know when she is irritated or aggravated and something is bothering her so it makes me feel bad and not a good boyfriend. and besides when I ask she says everything is fine or there's nothing to talk about and I'm going to sleep it off. so when I ask her any of these three things she gets irritated and acts like she doesn't care. but then a day later she's over it , but I can tell she's still thinking about it. so then I told her all I want is more of your time and tell me when something is bothering you. and when we talk or text she never puts any effort to ask questions than wyd , how was your day. and I'm always has to say I love you first and initiate things first she does it sometimes but its mostly me.i love this with all my heart and so she love me but what's up with her, every time I try to talk about in a calm fashion gets irritated. she's very mature but I don't know what's up. p.s we've been going out for 8 1/2 months now


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  • Maybe she needs some space or something..girls getting moody at times but she might also be upset if you have done something..Have you said something recently to upset her? If not then maybe she's irritated by something. Perhaps she's wishing you would do something and doesn't want to say it because of fear of nagging..girls are weird like that


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