Tell me am I over-reacting?

This dude I like and kinda dating, hasn't been online since July 8, where he talked to me and before he left he said "I'm coming into the city soon, so we can meet soon"

then last Saturday, this chick who is from his town but now lives in my town "liked" his Facebook profile picture..and than he got a new friend on Facebook on Wednesday, same friend that she got..yes I stalked..but she was friends with the new guy in could they have met on that Saturday and could he have went to write what he wrote to that girl..but wrote it to me instead..he hasn't been online for a almost two weeks :( I'm afraid he's dating her


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  • Overreacting just a bit. You should try to get his number at least, since you are kinda dating.

    • i do have it, but I don't want to text him being all annoying , I've known him for 3 years

    • Annoying? I don't think making plans to meet up would be annoying. Contact him!

      Also, forgot to mention, when we overthink things, the stuff we come up with is sometimes crazy, so just relax, since you've known him for a while you should be able to talk with him easily.

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  • Overreacting. You have no idea really what is going on, and all you're forming your opinions on are the actions of SOMEONE ELSE on a social networking site. Now it may be a different story if you see HIM liking her pictures and commenting but not talking to you, but just because SHE liked his picture doesn't mean anything. And why does it matter whether he's been online or not? If you still have contact with him everything should be fine.

  • All girls over react to things involving feelings. It's a fact. :)

    I can't really judge whether you're over reacting or not because only you can really figure that out. Looking in from the outside I think that you should take a breather and just send him a message (text or otherwise) asking if you two are still going to see each other. It's not annoying and clingy if you do it once. Just don't harass :)

  • Maybe they're cousins. Or work together. Or she's dating his best friend. Or she's a lesbian he's donating sperm to. Or they're Russian spies.

    If you must jump to conclusions, why stop at just one?