2 years and hang out 4x...??

This guy I met who works for the same company I financed my vehicle with..we've been texting every single day for the last 2 years. We've hang out/kicked it maybe 4 times in the 2 years. 7 months prior to our meeting, he was in a relationship. Lately he has confided in me with a lot of personal issues, mothers of his kids. He rarely calls only when it comes to payments for the vehicle. Initially he asked if we could be together,and I told I need to get to know him. Seemed fair to him. He told me that it would be worth it times 10. Since then I've told him that I liked him,and he agreed to talk about it in person. Each chance,never has been brought up. At one point, his friend started testing, messages between him and I were explicit s*xually Didn't think anything of it..he was upset about it,since then has forgiven me. I need to prove to him he can trust me again. Well, I ask him if we could ever be more then friends, he replied that we need to hang out more,and go from there. We haven't hang out much since that conversation. Our text messages have become s*xually explicit, he has even sent graphic pictures of his s*xual moment. My concern is that he texts non stop throughout work, except on thier bust days. As soon as he's clicked out, our conversations disappear til the next morning...? He used to include sweety to his messages, to me just friendly gesture. Most recently I've been addressed as hun,sweetheart,babe...he has also included "xoxox" in his messages as a good night gesture or sent on thier own with a wink. He explains to me that I'm a great friend,and basically all a guy would look for in a female far as a relationship, but nothing has been happened. So we have unlimited text messages during business hours, called sweetheart,babe,hun...which were never mentioned until very recently, no messages after he's off work until the next morning. He has explained multiple times that he is single,and is with no one. Tells me due to limited funds, he does not go out...oh, I invite places and he declines. Makes me feel real special. There is very little effort on his part. There was a little s*xual encounter in the beginning , he asks for more...I have not given him any actual intercourse. Could it be he may not want to pursue anything as well cause I'm a customer of a company he works for,in which customer relationships are prohibited. I'm really confused please help me figure this out...I really like him...but I'm afraid that he has been lying,and I'm just wasting my time. I currently not seeing anyone due to the issue I had with his friend. Sorry if none of this makes no sense.


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  • It could be due to the business aspect although it just seems to me like this guy is weird. Sending you pics of his d***, calling you hun, babe, sweetheart, and adding xoxoxos to texts is EXTREMELY strange unless your in a relationship or having been dating for a while. I say forget this guy, run away. 2 years and that's all the time you've spent time with each other, 4 dates? I don't care how busy you are but out of 730 days, he managed to take you out 4 times, that's pathetic. He should be leading and progressing things with you towards becoming more serious, not all this bullsh*t textin he's feeding you. Find another guy, you deserve better. Apologies if I came off harsh, I didn't mean to haha.


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