What should I do to show her that I'm better?

Me and my best friend were really close at one point in time, and we were about to date, she liked me and I liked her, she wanted me! People at my school were saying we would be the "cutest" couple! But then she thought I was flirting with another girl, and I really wasn't...but she wouldn't believe me. I tried to convince her, and told her that I tried to impress her, just for her to like me. I acted desperate, clingy, and just plain needy. This happened 4 months ago, and we argued a lot, became strangers and friends over and over again. 3 months ago I asked her if she still liked me, and she said this "I don't know! I mean yeah, I'll always like you..but after what happened, well yeah you know." one month and a half ago I told her that I still liked her, and she said this "Sorry, I just don't feel the same way" This was when we only talked for 2 weeks after an argument. And then we didn't talk for one week..After that, I tried to be the best friend she could ever have, and we've been talking for more than a month! We're really close, and she texts me everyday! 99% of the time she texts me first! But one month ago, this guy said he liked her, and they've been hanging out..and well 4 days ago, he asked her out, and now they're dating. I felt so heart broken inside, but I told her that I was happy for her, and all that. She became super happy when I told her that, she became even closer to me, after they started dating. She started acting a bit like she used when we were "talking." But she makes me super jealous, she always talks about her boyfriend, how he's "Sweet" to her, and how she wants to talk to him, when she can't..I hate it! 2 days ago, she wanted me and her to go somewhere together, that's like 15 miles from where I live..i've never hung out with her before, but she wants to hang out with me. I can't drive, but she can..so she told me that she'll take us there with her car. So I said alright..she hasn't brought it up, and I don't know if I should bring it up, it might be disrespectful since it's her car. Guys could you please tell me what I should do to show her that I'm better, and get her to rethink "us"? I mean I love her with all my heart, and I can't go a day without her, she can't either..she misses me too. Me and her boyfriend are the closest guys to her, please help me! I know she's in a relationship, I just want to know how I can get closer to her and let her like me more.

P.S: All our conversations are done through texting, we never talk on the phone


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  • You know what, you need to be honest with her.

    Tell her that you care too much for her to be just her friend. I had to do that with one of my ex's. It's best to be honest.

    You wouldn't be wrong for that, it's the truth.

    I then think you should just let her go. If she couldn't see you for the great person you were then, or now, then I don't think she deserves to be with you in the future.

    Do't throw yourself to her feet. She is the one who has lose, especially by jumping to conclusions about the flirting.

    I know you may not want to hear it, but there is someone better


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