Texting question! Please read, any comments appreciated.

ive been texting the guy I met on holiday for a few weeks now, we've been getting on really well and we send at least a few long texts a day. One day he was so busy at work so he didn't text me but I got an apology text afterwards!

But I Haven't heard from him since Wednesday night... I'm getting a bit worried because as I said before, we've spoken every day and this isn't normal for him. I don't want to bombard him so I've sent him a couple of casual texts but still nothing... I'm getting a bit worried?

I know I'll probably get told to stop being paranoid but this whole thing just seems so strange. I Haven't heard from him for 3 days yet the last text I did get from him was really cute.


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  • When you met him on a holiday how close did you get?

    • We spent the last few days of our holiday together. Physical closeness - only kissing. and cuddled in bed!

      But since we've been back we've said we want to see each other and he's been organsing to take me out.

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    • Ok thanks for your help.

    • You are welcome and please be disciplined

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  • don't keep texting him. I know it is hard to be in this situation, I am in it right now. just sit back and wait. if he cares he will come back, and if not you don't need him anyway.

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