Complicated Dating Pattern...No Relationship Yet

I've been dating a guy for 7 months and we've yet to establish a relationship. Technically, we've only been dating for a handful of months out of those 7:

End of December: our first 2 dates (guy #1)

Jan: I was seeing someone else, so I let him go despite what my gut told me. Didn't work out with guy #2, so I contacted him again and we just talked for all of Jan because he didn't trust me.

Feb-Mar: started going out again, seeing each other at least once a week

Beginning of April - Mid-April: Went out at least once a week up until mid-April because he was going out of state for internship.

Mid-April - Mid-July: Out of state for internship, but I did visit him for 2 days in May because I have another friend who lives in that state.

July 16th - Present: went out twice

July 26th - Aug 5th: He's going on vacation with his family

Aug 5th - Aug 19th: I'm going away

Despite this weird pattern of dating, we manage to text or call each other everyday. When we text, the conversations last from whenever they started up until bedtime. We have not had sex, but have done oral, which puts us in a friends with benefits position, I guess. He tells his parents about me, but none of us has met each others' friends and family. My family doesn't even know he exists. I'm waiting until we become boyfriend/girlfriend before I tell them and he knows this.

So because of our weird pattern of always being away from each other, is it normal that we've not established a relationship yet?

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  • yes I think if you both end up living near each other you can have a relationship. the fact that he told people about you is a VERY good sign.

    • Now that he's back from his internship, we're now in the same state. We're about an hour and a half's drive and a few tolls from each other. Once I'm back from my trip, we'll hopefully be able to see each other more regularly