What type of relationship is this? (sry, long)

Ok, so I met this guy just walking one day. He was very polite when he came up to me and asked for my number because he said he thought I was pretty. This was a little over a month ago. So over the next couple of weeks, we text a bit and he calls me like once or twice (just to see what's going on, etc.) and we schedule a dinner date.

We go on the date. There are awkward quiet moments, but all in all, it was pleasant. I thought maybe he thought I was boring or something because he didn't seem super interested (ike he didn't try to kiss me or anything). He gave me a little hug good night and that was it.

After that, he would call occasionally just to see what was going on and he wished me happy birthday and stuff. Then, he invited me to a BBQ his friends were throwing for 4th of July. I said I would try to go, and he said I could invite friends if I wanted. My friends ended up not be available to go, so I just went by myself. He told me what train and bus to take, but I followed Google maps instead because I didn't want to pay for a train and a bus (I'm very cheap lol). Anyway, Google Maps leads me I the wrong direction and I somehow end up very close to his apartment.

B/c I was tired of walking (and it was EXTREMELY hot that day), he asked if I still wanted to go to the BBQ because it was still a 30 min walk away, or if I wanted to just go order food at his place. We ended up going back to his place (he had told me when we first met that he lived with his sister, so I didn't think "anything" would happen because his sister/family would be there). So we go and I learn that his sister just moved out like 2 weeks ago because she got married.

So we hang out and it was cool. We ended up making out and on the bed. Then I told him I was a virgin, which he didn't seem phased by. After trying the first time, we just lie down and chill, then we try again and it eventually happens. He asks me to spend the night, but I have class in the morning, so I say "no". He waits on the train with me, and when I leave, gives me a kiss and a hug and complains that I never contact him first.

2 weeks later we plan to see a movie, but we end up at his apartment again because the weather was really nasty. We just watched TV and talked for a couple hours (we sit on separate couches and kind of just hang out like friends), then eventually making out and sex again (each time, I'm the one who suggest going to the bed). afterward, we talk more and he asks me like a hundred times to stay, but I kept saying no because of school.

I had told him that I'd never had a boyfriend before, which he didn't seem to mind either. We've never really talked about being exclusive or wtvr. I'm just wondering what this thing is we're doing lol. I know I should ask him, but I also kinda don't want to seem clingy or something. When we're lying down and stuff he's always playing with my hair or my face and always asks "what are you thinking?" Wtvr that means lol

Well, I guess I kinda got my answer. He had asked to see a movie with me Thursday, and leading up to that day, everything was fine. THEN, within a few hours of when we were supposed to meet, he said he wanted to go to a club (without me) and asked to reschedule (and the new date being a week later)... -___-


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  • He definitely likes you.. You two should have a talk about it for sure.. You don't want to go too long without establishing a relationship...I literally did the same thing.. I didn't want to seem to clingy (from guys side) I did that with a girl and it turned her away from me..And it kind of sucked because I did like her..but had been turned down previsouly by a very good friend and carried that sh*t around with me for way too long..


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  • Yes, talk. He likes you, not just for sex. Things like playing with hair, not forcing things.

    And remember, he asked for your number, he called. So find out, that isn't clingy.

    But you want it defined, he probably does as well.

    Find out, ideally keep having fun :)


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  • i think you should talk to him about what his intentions are. because I am not sure.