Does she wants me to kiss her??

I'm 25 and I've never dated always been shy until I landed a job in retail I now feel more comfortable talking to people and girls...

I've never kissed a girl or done anything with a girl because of my insecurities...

so now I met this girl and we have gone out twice... she seems humble and fun to be with she always text me when I don't text her and it's her who initiates the dates and tells me we "should have lunch" or "take pictures together" before she left on vacation for 3 weeks to visit her parents she told me on the last date "i hope you don't forget me"

So at the end of the first date she got out of the car kinda fast and we said our goodbyes... on the 2nd date she kinda stalled in the car and since I got out of the car first she got out too and stalled outside and we hugged and I kissed her on the cheek and we said our goodbyes again...

After that I texted her saying "so I have taken you out twice on dates and I'm yet to find out if your a great kisser"

Her reply was "Well I don't know if I am or not.. that's something you will have to find out on your own Eventually"

Does that means she wants me to kiss her? after she left I told her not to forget me as well and her reply scared me a bit she said "I couldn't forget you, you are too sweet and nice"

i don't want to fall into the friend zone -_-; what should I do next time I see her in about 3 weeks?


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  • If she wasn't freaked out by the PDA you've already shown (i.e cheek kissing, hugging) then she isn't aiming to friend zone you. Unless she kisses and hugs all her guy friends :P

    From her texts it does sound like she wants you to kiss her eventually. It means don't rush it.

    When I friend zone guys I don't call them "sweet and nice", I say stuff like "You're awesome dude!" to establish a more casual relationship.

    Don't over think it, it sounds like she's into you.

    When you see her again hug her to break the touch barrier some more and tell her you've missed her. Remember that you are trying to establish yourself as more than a friend. Then offer to set up another date after you guys catch up. Yes, call it a date.

    If you feel bold sometime during that date(or anytime) and a romantic mood comes up you can try to kiss her slowly. To accomplish this slowly get closer to her. Sit closer, angle your body toward her, and lean in gradually as you speak. When you feel like she's expecting you to do something you can either tilt your head and slowly move in(gives her a chance to accept or push you away) or ask her if you can kiss her first.

    • If she likes me why doesn't she tell me straight up how she feels? Also when we go on dates we never touch each other or hold hands just sit a little close and chat for hours before taking her home saying goodnight and that's the end of it. Read my comments above and below and tell me what you think :)

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    • In a recent email I got from her she told me how I was unforgettable to her because I am "unique" and that she loves that about me and said... "and you are not ugly, have a great personality, and know how to keep a good conversation so that's what made me like you." am I just over thinking non important things? or is it normal to feel jealous or thinking that she might be having fun with another guy while I'm here trying to think of nice things to do for her when she returns? :(

    • First off, you're over thinking it. I've seen girls in full blown relationships take photos like that with close friends because it's fun. She's essentially told you she has a crush on you.

      Yes, it's perfectly normal for you to feel jealous. It's your first relationship and you're just settling into your first girlfriend. You're just worried someone will steal that from you.

      Keep on thinking of those nice things :) If you feel insecure, ask her about her friends and what she's doing with them.

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  • Awww this was so cute to read =(


    She made it very obvious that she wants you to kiss her, she said that's for you to find out eventually, meaning she knows you re shy and she's giving you the time but she's letting you know that you will eventually have to do it and the sooner the better.

    Now what you do is, text her sweet things when she's on her vacation and when she gets back you could initiate and ask her out and take her somewhere nice, be ready brush your teeth and don't freak out, watch videos about kissing to get tips, I think the Wing Girls YouTube videos are funny to watch and they give you the idea about how to deal with situations like these.

    You could start off by holding her hand when you re walking or perhaps put your arm around her when you watch a movie maybe, touch her slightly in appropriate places to make it obvious that you re into her and make sure not to fall for the friends zone if you re still worried about that and to ease the kiss out later on ;)

    Just relax and text her that you ve missed her before she comes back, good luck

    • That's what holds me back the fact that I've never kissed a girl I don't know how to do it right even tho it seems like its common sense... Also I get very nervous and my mouth dries up very bad If I know we are about to maybe kiss... It's frustrating ;(

    • I know what you mean cause you re nervous, just try to drink lots of water when you re with her, chew some gum to take off stress perhaps.. Maybe have a drink to loosen up or something.. Don't over think about it you will chicken out and not go through

  • Yes of course she likes you and she wants you to kiss her! :) You are no where near being friendzoned because you both obviously like each other as more than friends and have made it clear to each other.

    When she gets back you should take her out and let her know you're keen to catch up and spend time with her.

    And kiss her when you feel it's right - the kissing will come and it's not really important when because you both like each other. It shouldn't feel forced so don't rush it :)

    • Yeah it seems as if she might like me but I feel confused because she doesn't show it... I've been honest and told her that I like her or when I text her I send her kisses and cute stuff like that :p and she never says it back to me. She only tells me how she loves my personality and feels like she can talk to me for hours etc.. But never tells me that she likes me like I tell her.

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