Should I visit him or I shouldn't?

He and me on the internet 2 month ago. After I said I cannot visit him on his birthday, he got another woman. Still he says he wants to meet me on his birthday. He used to say love me and marry me but not lately. Should I really visit him or I shouldn't visit him?

I am virgin still. Do you think I can take back him from her on his birthday? Or, I should forget about him? He comments on his messenger that she is his everything.

  • I should visit him on his birthday. I can take back him.
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  • I should forget about him.
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Correction; He and me met on the internet about 2 month ago.
Do you think I'm competitive against her? Any answer will be appreciated...
Actually, they are not met yet. They are planning to meet tomorrow for the first time...


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  • He got another woman: FORGET HIM.

    • Update: "competitive against her?"

      That depends much more on him than on you and her: his preferences can have changed meeting that other girl.

      She has one really BIG advantage on you: she's pysically present and available while you're "just on the Internet".

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  • I wouldn't trust him. I have a feeling he might just want sex :\ especially if he claimed to love you and such and then just went for another woman cause you couldn't come on his birthday. Don't bother with him... seriously.

  • He says she is his everything. So you should give up him. And the formation of the relation between you and him is just by internet not real life. I think it is inappropriate for him to ask you to meet him on his birthday suddenly. Do you think it is too fast for you and him even never have contact in real life? You need to know more about him. But it is too late.

  • So everyone can judge him ,he need a girl to meet on his birthday. Not just you, any other girl he chatted on the internet can get this chance. You are one of his choices.FORGET him.


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