Ladies what would a man learn about you if he had to live your life fir a month?

What do you think a man would learn the most? If he had to live your life...


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  • He would learn that my life isn't easy I take care of the house my kid work 2 jobs and go to school

    • See I never see it like that. I am a hard working dad. Putting a wife through school and supporting a family. Sounds like we are on opposite ends of the same family life. I imagine we both think the other is easier.

    • Not really because you have a wife I don't have a boyfriend or husband so it's a little different

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  • oh good, he would get to experience a period and how sucky it is!

    • Okay but beyond that. If you were in a man's shoes you'd have wildly different pressures I am sure. Women get passes in my work place all the time. They also seem to get excluded from sometimes as well. Maybe I could have been more clear in the question.

    • I was just being a smart ass :) I know what you meant. Not really sure, I don't get out much. Probably just how hard it is to have to care for 5 dogs and a disabled brother

    • Better to be a smart ass then a dumb ass... I think girls would learn guys don't talk at all... We keep everything internalized. And we can write our names in snow...

  • Being a perfectionist is hard...Also being 5'2 can be annoying sometimes too :)

    • Being over six feet can be too! Cars never fit. If you yell or get mad people freak out. It's cool in a mall or crowded place because people move out of your way. I might not mind trying for a short visit!

    • lol...The grass is always greener and all that...But I agree, it would be really interesting to switch like that and feel what it's like to be a guy.

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