What am I doing wrong?

what am I doing wrong? I am very beautiful, smart intelligent 27 year old yet for some reason I can't have a relationship with a man who seem to be proud of me. I realize that men are physically drawn to me like a pin to a magnet and they will even get a bulge just by looking at me and I am not even dressed in revealing outfit. the first thing a man says when he sees me dressed up is Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god I am in trouble and then he'll get so hot and at times start sweating and say very descriptive things then apologizes like a complete weirdo.

The sad part is that it seems as if I can't meet a man who doesn't act like that and when I do meet a guy that I really like and start dating it rarely blossoms into more.. It's like I am not good enough to be is official girlfriend. I met this new guy and I really really like him and the same thing is happening, he is crazy for my body. I haven't done it with him yet but the moment I talk to him he gets intense and I realize everything with him has become carnivorous , he doesn't seem to want to talk about anything else. When I try talking about others things he blows me off so I entertain this talk because I really like him.

I am really sad because I want a real relationship... am I getting something wrong, what is this?


sigh... I am frustrated now :( maybe I should just give up man


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  • A possible explanation:

    Unfortunately there are a significant number of guys out there that treat women like a game. These are the people who wonder around simply looking for a woman to use a living sex doll to get their rocks off. Every time they manage to get past an attractive woman's defenses and sleep with them, they consider it a kind of win and add another tally mark to the scorecard. Later on they'll go on telling everyone what they just scored (like a high school drama) and in some male circles that will prove their self worth to other males (power and domination factor in here). Human males are also born with the genetic programming of "need to breed". In the case of an attractive women this genetic programming and primal instinct tends to take over. Human beings in general were not designed to be monogamous and are in fact designed to procreate with the opposite gender as much as possible to propagate the species. The human species has a long way to go before reaching it's evolutionary and intellectual apex, until then many males (and females) will still participate in ridiculous mating rituals.

    It's of common belief in some male circles that if a woman is extremely attractive or considered so (everyone is different) that they would not stand a chance with said woman. This is a commonly perpetuated stereotype brought on by poor self esteem, poor confidence and or personnel insecurities involving self worth in the eyes of the other party (other various and some illogical reasons as well). As a result these men that may be the one you are looking for but are too afraid to speak of you for fear of rejection. Rejection by an attractive women has often been described as a devastating blow to a males self esteem and self confidence. Reason being for that might possibly be due to primal instinct, being rejected by a coveted mating partner shows the male is of low worth and weak in other men's eyes. And as a result of that the rejected male is now considered vulnerable and or defenseless, time for the vultures to descend.

    This could be one possible cause to why you are having difficult finding the partner you are looking for. It's also unfortunate that to find one decent guy you generally will have to wade through 50 idiots. You'll have to do a bit of detective work in order to sort through all the guys that just want sex versus a guy that wants you for you and not only your body. Try and do a search for information teaching about human behavioral cues and mannerisms. This might help you sort out the undesirables.

    Sorry for the long winded explanation. Take this all with a grain of salt, I wish you luck and hope this helps a little. :)


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  • Yep a lot of good looking ladies have this same problem, part of it is your good looks intimidating a ton of normal guys and leaving you with the "chancers" with nothing to lose throwing themselves at you. Problem is you are (and it's an easy trap to fall into) waiting for them to come to you, why don't you take the ball out of "their" court and start calling the tune, look for what YOU are looking for in a guy instead of just sitting back and screening the guys with nothing to lose throwin themselves at you?

    Take the initiative and get what you want "run your own life or some one else will run it for you"

    • ur right. You are right on the money there my friend

    • Oh and though its not the bes advice, have you looked at the guys in your "friend zone"? Maybe drop some hints that they should man up if they tick the right boxes.

  • I guess the problem is you!

    not in a bad way but everybody reveal something and the problem for you I guess is you are physically attractive and that's only what a guy see first

    you can have a phd in everything you want or even have the cure for every disease on earth it's not written on your face or on your body. so the guys you see doesn't care about the inside

    try to find a guy down to earth or change your clothes to something less revealing than you already have that was not that revealing

  • The problem is that a lot people really are shallow. The only way you'l get what you want is to meet a guy that doesn't see you for your body. Probably won't be easy, but he's out there sonewhere.

  • The problem is you're LOOKING for a relationship, you should meet someone spontaneously, where do you usually meet these guys?


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