If you aren't really in a relationship, is it okay to end things on text?

we were talking and going on some dates for a few months and he called me now and then but not long conversations and most of our communication was through text.

and we were not together or exclusive. nor was it really serious.

so if we usually have real conversations through text, it is fine to talk about the issues I am having with "us" through text for now, right?

the idea of calling him to do it makes me puke and I think he may not pick up his phone. but in text it's easier.


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  • So it's OK because it's easier for you?

    Here is what you do; imagine how you would like it to be dumped over text.

    Treat others the way you want to be treated. Everything else is just self-justification.


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  • Sure, go ahead and text about things. No one would criticize you for it in this sort of 'relationship.'


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  • Whatever you want to do, is right for you...

    but only, if it would be right if done to you too..