I think my girlfriend likes someone else?

Well we have been dating for 3 months now. 2 months ago she moved to another town but its only 30 minutes from where I live so since then we Haven't seen each other from the longest. But once I get my car next week everything is gonna change because I will make lots of time to go see her. So for now its a long distance relationship but this is all the basics. Well recently on Facebook I always saw her talking to some guy they be posting on each others ways and as you might say sometimes flirting on with this one guy. She be talking with him that she misses him and loves him. I asked her two days ago who he was and she said that he's just a friend and that's all. But also recently she has been initiating the conversation first but when we text or talk on fb she seems to not write to me like she use to she sometimes uses one word sentences or even just a couple of words and she use to write me paragraphs before now its like a few words she replies with. But I have noticed when she talks to this guy on fb she be writing some 2 sentences or even longer replies and she seems to be having fun talking to him while to me its just seems she bored of talking to me. I really don't know what to do now it seems she likes this other guy but also this guy lives where I live he doesn't live where she lives so there is something there where I don't have to worry about. But I just don't know anymore.


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  • Maybe you should try to find him, see what's up. and see if they have any pictures together, if they do you can probably tell if their friends or more by how they posed. But is your relationship with your girlfriend great or Ok? maybe she's getting bored with it and is seeking other male attention.



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