A boy or a girl??

Hey I was just wondering what age do you guy think is best to have a kid. And what do you want first? A boy or a girl? and why?


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  • I guess, for most people, somewhere between the ages of 20 and 25 is optimum, however, it's probably best left to economics and the stability of a given marriage. Actually, if the marriage is a good one, I suppose having a baby to love can act as an incentive toward keeping things in a forward motion fianancially. I'm 53, and though I was married for 23 years, we never had any children, for some unknown reason. A paucity of "lead in the pencil" has been cruelly suggested, but I know not why. lol. At any rate, I feel that I am ready to have children at this late date, whereas my lifestyle in the past would probably not been well-suited to it. I guess it depends a lot on the individuals involved, but for the most part, statistically, 18 to 25 is probably the norm. Of all the things we can choose to do in life, having a kid has to be the best of em.

    • I completely agree! I keep daydreamin about being a mom lol

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    • Lol. That might be for the best! Be good!

    • Lol yup! you 2

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