Do guys like when girls ask guys to hang out?

i contacted this guy last Monday and asked to hangout. we talked about hanging out Tuesday and he said "yeah probs ill text u"

the next day (Tuesday) he texted me saying he couldn't hangout but that maybe Friday tho. I responded by saying it was alright and another option was Saturday after I get out of work.

he hasn't texted me since then...idk if I was supposed to text him..i was waiting for him first.

would it be OK if I text him this coming week (Monday/Tues?) and ask when he's free next? I hope I don't sound clingy.

btw were young (18-19) and we met at work (he quit 2months ago)

hes initiated hanging out before..we've been friends but we have kissed


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  • I like it when girls ask me to hangout. Text him again this coming week and wait for a response. If he doesn't text back or flakes then don't text him again.

  • Depends on how open the guy is. Some want to make all the decisions, some are better as supporters. But in your case...go for it. If you've kissed, I think you're past this point. =)

  • if you are just asking as in just friends only, then not as much, I prefer it if she asks out out of being interested in more than friends.


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