Guys: Calling a girl your wife?

Does it mean anything special or do you call every girl who is a friend this?

For example : I was at work and we were all just sitting around, talking to each other. I was the only girl out of the four of us. Well anyway, this one guy I work with, Dave, sidled up to me and was like, "so when are you gonna Skype with Bruce (a guy we work with)?" And I was like, "ewww never, haha."

So then he was like, "well when you going to text me? We need to hang out!"

Anyway, this guy I kind of like named Drew, interrupted the conversation in a childlike voice and was like, "No! You can't have her. She's my wife." And he stared down Dave.

I think he was just joking around or whatever haha, but would you call any girl your "wife?"


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  • 1) For a joke.

    2) Because you have feelings for them.

    3) Subtle hinting behind a joke.


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