What are my chances with this girl?

I met this girl about a year ago and right off the bat, we got along really well. We would talk and joke a lot and that went on for a few weeks. After that, I decided to ask for her number...i don't know if it was too soon or not the right moment but she declined and after that, things went to hell.

We developed this love/hate relationship. After I asked for her number, I tried to make things right because she wouldn't talk to me anymore, but she just kept acting weird. I got tired of it and started ignoring her, she tried to talk to me but I had the same attitude she had and after that well, we would talk (heavily, funny enough) with sarcastic comments, teasing each other and arguing playfully ALL the time. We were like that for close to 9 months, sometimes we would argue seriously and piss each other off, it was like we were in a relationship but we really weren't, we did like talking to each other but acted like we didnt, weird huh?

Well, recently we had to spend some time together while waiting for some friends. I decided to be nice because I didn't feel like arguing and as unbelievable as it is, we got to talking and had a blast and we've been having it for weeks now. It was obvious we liked talking to each other but there is no more arguing and, according to what she told me "these weeks have been great" (I can see she is enjoying herself, big smiles at me, deep looks, glances, playful teasing, giggling) but my question is, is there any way she likes me? I don't want to make any moves because I don't want to go back to how we were but we have so much fun and we just spend so much time together and people tell us we look great together but I don't know if I should suggest something or maybe leave the ball in her court? ANy advice will be appreciated.


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  • yall should go out I guess

    • That's what I'm thinking but her reaction over a year ago makes me think that she could start acting weird again, so I don't know what to do

    • people change a year is quite awhile

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  • Sounds a lot like my sitiuation, its been a year and when I brotched the topic of dating again she got pissed, I mean really pissed. She thought that I was justt pretending to be a friend to get in her pants. Things were great before hand thought she had a change of heart. Wrong. No two months latter I'm pissed because she doesn't text or answer texts anymore. She.keeps her distance. She.got back with tje ex. I guess she just kept me around to be a suragte boyfriend. Another example.of.why men and women can't be friends.

    • Yeah. She is just so frigging exhausting. Its like I'm in a relationship with her, we fight all the time over stupid crap and I have to always watch my mouth and my attitude so she doesn't get offended, any little slip and she won't let me forget it. I want to move on, I tried stopping talking to her and she got so PISSED at me its not even funny, I mean, for a girl who is not even my girlfriend or even a good friend, getting this pissed because I don't feel like talking to her is a bit ridiculous

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