He is playing games versus he actually wants your attention?

if a guy you speak to pretty regularly and you stop talking for a few days and neither of you text each other and then he texts you seeming all annoyed claiming you forgot about him, is he playing mind games/trying to lure you in? or does he genuinely feel annoyed or neglected, that you don't care about him enough?

say he initiates many conversations but you initiate some as well. and you talk daily.

background...besides for talking a lot we went on some dates and fooled around a bit but nothing too heavy or serious..didn't go too far sexually, and it isn't a serious relationship type of thing. which makes me think why is he so demanding if we aren't even together? makes me wonder if he is controlling or something.


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  • Well was he simply saying that or over reacting? I don't think acting annoyed or impatient is going to lure anyone in but the strange and unsocialized so he probably does feel that way. However if he keeps this up l wouldn't hang around much longer. It could mean trouble.

    • Give him time to see if he can grow a pair and quit acting like a high school bimbo because he sounds like trouble.

  • He is having a little fit it sounds like, depends on the guy but most I know wouldn't be talking like that..

    • so he has a temper?

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    • could he be playing mind games with me, trying to get me to run after him because he has a need for attention?

    • Maybe, he seems to want attention for whatever reason could have a crush on you and is interested if you would miss him.

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