How to get my boyfriend to say no?

whenever his family comes over or calls him its just to use him for his money.. they come over to eat his food and trash his house they don't pick up after themselves.. & I tell him that they call him only when they need money its all the time to


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  • I have a similar family situation, but thankfully that's been taken cared of, for now.

    Well, his reasoning must be that it's his family, he HAS to be there and help them out. Except that's definitely not true.

    He needs to realize that families all across the world abuse their own flesh and blood. It's very common, and people are just bowing their heads and letting their "loved" ones trample all over them. He needs to have more self-respect and stand up for himself. It's very very unfortunate he's having to deal with this, always terrible when it involves family, but enough is enough.


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