Would you guys worry in this situation?

Me and this girl who had a thing thing going over 3 years ago in high school met up again a few times and seemed to hit it off pretty well. After the first time we hung out I told her I wanted to see her again because I had a really good time with her and she said "Yeah I did too"! and she proceeded to suggest a second date. Well now it's after the second date which happened on a Wednesday and she went out of town to see one of her girlfriends for the weekend and I haven't heard from her since Thursday? I figured I would let her be the one to initiate contact since she is busy spending the weekend with one of her friends but I'm kind of wondering why she hasn't? If you were in this situation what would YOU do and what do you think I should do. Text her and ask how her weekend went or just wait?


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  • I'd probably think it would seem pushy to be the one to call, especially if I had agreed with great exuberance that a second date would be great. I know that "the times are a changin' " but it doesn't hurt a guys image to make the first move, still. It can help, actually, even give boys who girls are not interested in "points". I'd advise not calling while she's still with her friend- the next day would be okay if you wait until the afternoon or evening and set up a date for, I don't know that Thursday (if you're calling on a Monday). Closer than waiting for date night -which you can go out on in addition- but not too early, so excitement might bubble a bit more and it won't feel like coincidental bumping into each other type of "hang our" date. An actual "date-date" probably is where you should head this train, right?

    • True. I guess it can't hurt to keep showing that I'm interested and ask if she wants to go out again.

    • It really couldn't. I'd go for it :]

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  • Call her or text her and ask her how she's doing, how her weekend went, what her and her friend did etc. maybe she is waiting on you to contact her


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  • Play it cool and let her make the move

    • What if she's waiting on me to contact her?

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    • You are welcome man and I hope she is the "one"

    • Agree, you should only go out with a girl who's really into you, but that doesn't mean they'll show it in the same way. I made the first move with a friend, wasn't a bad thing, but in the end I basically was taking all the initiative. It's a two way street, but for girls who have had it backfire on them or are just not sure if you like them enough for you to not mind their coming onto you, it'd be way to scary to call you for a second date. For a fifth date? Sure. Second? Whoa, scary, no.