Why is her heart made out of stone?


I posted on here a while back about this girl that I met in college and we flirted with each other for a while. I thought it was going somewhere and confronted her about it. We were together a lot always texted each other, talked on the phone and lots of Facebook messages and stuff. Well in College, I helped her graduate and also when college was over also helped her out with a job. We met up when school was over and she was still flirting. Last month I was texting her and she never responded. The week before she was totally fine. For a week I was kinda concerned and also called to see if she was alright. She never responded anymore and then went on Facebook and changed her relationship status to in a relationship which totally crushed me. I wished her all the best with one final text and cut her off totally from my life with phone numbers, texts, emails, FB etc. Did she use me for whatever she could of got from me and moved on? They way we were with each other seemed like she did have feelings for me but I guess I was wrong. I am of a different background than she is and was wondering if that had to play a role in this situation? We no longer talk and she never messaged or called me again.


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  • It sounds like she either used you or thought you weren't very interested in her. Did you ever ask her out? If not, maybe she did like you but thought things weren't going to go past where they were and the other guy was faster.

    • Hey guys,

      Thanks for the responses. As we got closer, I confronted her and her response was "im gonna beat you up" . I did it again a couple of months later and it was "I guess I'm gonna have to be a bitch to you then LOL" I never got a true response that I was looking for either "yeah I wanna be with you" or "I like you as a friend but not in that way" I think she was just playing games all along or she wasnt sure of how she felt towards me.

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  • I feel so bad for you... I'm smoking weed right now so its very hazy but what she did is like shooting a spear in your heart... obviously she liked you, what you felt was real but because you never pulled a move on her, she met this guy whos not you. And since she stopped communicating with you altogether after this... she must have had some feelings for you and since she found someone ur just a guy she likes but its too bad because she's with another guy she likes(for other reasons). so I guess you should move on cuz.. what can you do right? you can't make her ur girlfriend forcefully. and if she ever brakes up with the guy... BE there for her, maybe it will help bring you two together later on and she'll see how good of a guy you are

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